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by Lady A Foundation

AFA by Lady A supports people of all backgrounds, who are breaking barriers through their passion for sports, whether it be due to societal and cultural stigmas, physical incapacities and/or social-economic disadvantages. 

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Our initiatives are designed to support a positive athletic community outreach via:


Children & Education


Nutrition, Mental Health & Hydration

Athletic Scholarships

Sport Event Fundraisings


"Your life is not defined by the circumstances into which you were born. Having grown up as a young girl in Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to play sports, I know what it feels like to start at a disadvantage, but my devotion to my sport has helped me overcome every single obstacle I've faced." 

- Alya Alghamdi, Founder

"Alya is a very focused and dedicated person pursuing her objectives. She welcomes hard work to go with her deep curiosity and intellect."

– Brooks Johnson

Former sprinter & Coach of Olympic medalists since 1968



by Lady A Foundation

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